Get exclusive discounts in bars, clubs and restaurants in Bratislava.

A city guide, a card game and 30 discounts to enjoy the best of nightlife.

30 reasons to get out tonight 🕺

Are you tired of always ending up in the same 3 bars every time you go out? We make your experience of finding a new bar more fun.

What is nightcards?

A guide to discover the best places

We handpicked 28 places just for you. We’ve been personally testing each of them before adding them to the list.

We are convinced you will get a warm welcome and you will enjoy your time in each location. 🤗

More than 150€ discount

At each place you can benefit from an exclusive discount such as “Buy one, get one free”. Applying all the discount allows you to save around 150€, depending on what you order.

By using only three cards you cover the cost of the card game. 🤑

Fun format

The Nightcards format is fun. You can play different drinking games to spice up your night. 🌶

What is included in the card game?

The card game includes 30 discounts, including:
🍸 20 bars
🕺 4 clubs and dancing bars
🍽 4 restaurants
🔁 1 repeat your favorite discount
♥️ Nightcard discount

Each card are written in both slovak and english. 🇸🇰 🇬🇧

The pack also includes two more cards. The first one, where you can find a QR code to access a map of the Nightcard bars. The second one, gives you the rule to play Kings game.

Ako to funguje?

1. Get yourself a Nightcards pack.

2. Pick a place you want to try out.

3. When ordering, show the card to the waiter.

4. When paying, you will receive the discount. 💵

5. The waiter ticks the card with a permanent marker.